1500mah Mini Portable Keychain Phone Charger Emergency Power Banks Retractable Plug Power Fast Charging For iPhone 12/12Pro/Max

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3375 Keychain Portable Charger for (Android) 1500mAh Mini Power Emergency Pod


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1500mAh Mini Power Emergency Pod

(Android Devices)


Introducing the Keychain Portable Charger, a compact and ultra-convenient solution to keep your devices powered up on the go. With its 1500mAh battery capacity, this mini power emergency pod is designed to provide a reliable backup power source for your iPhone or Type-C devices.

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Ultra Compact Keychain Portable Charger With 1500mAh Mini Power Series  Emergency Pod For IPhone And Samsung Fast External Charging Power Series  Bank With Key Ring For Cell Phone From Chongyangclothes01, $11.05 |